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List your Token

Limitlex Exchange provides token issuers with a first-rate opportunity to list their token on the trading platform along with promotional activities to increase the trading volume of the listed token.

We prioritize token issuers who are dedicated to actively participate in the promotional and market-making activities to boost the liquidity and trading volume of their token.

Your success is important to us, that’s why besides the token listing we are happy to support you with the additional promotional and market-making services as described below.


Inquiries on token listing and market-making


Promotion of your token before and upon listing

  • Email announcement to our users
  • Announcement on our social media channels
  • Trading competition with your token
  • Displaying your token listing on the banner in our trading interface
  • Video interview on BloxLiveTV with one of your team members
  • Announcement of the listing on BloxLiveTV’s social media channels
  • Promotional banner for your token listing on BloxLiveTV for 3 days
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Market-making services

It is of the utmost importance that a new token is supported with an initial liquidity, so users can actively trade it. We will prioritize listing new tokens where the token issuer commits to a market-making with their token.

As a token issuer you can do market-making on your own or engage a professional market-making service provided by one of our partners.


Inquiries on token listing and market-making