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We provide unique White Label solutions for starting a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway or Digital Asset Exchange.

You build the business, we take care of the technology.

Limitlex B2B Platform is supported by the European Union


Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway

Start your own payment business: offer merchants and online stores a full solution for accepting crypto payments, with settlements in fiat. We will provide you with a full turn-key solution with highest level of technology and security in the crypto payment industry.

Earn revenue from every payment your merchants receive in crypto!

Crypto-to-Cash Bureau de Change

Limitlex Crypto-to-Cash is a turn-key solution, providing bureaux de change (physical currency exchange offices) with an end-to-end system for processing crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto exchange in cash, on the spot, to their walk-in customers.

Earn revenue from every exchange transaction of your clients!

SMART Digital Asset Exchange

Start your own Smart Digital Asset Exchange and trading platform for cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, or security tokens. We will provide you with a complete turn-key solution for operating your exchange, including cold storage custodian service.

Stand out from the competition – offer your users the premier Smart Exchange!

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Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway

Limitlex Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway is an easy-to-use solution for merchants to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, with automated conversion of received crypto payments into fiat currencies. Consumers can pay directly from their own crypto wallets, which opens up the possibility of crypto payments to a vast number of customers. Our payment gateway can be used for accepting crypto payments by online businesses or by physical stores, restaurants, bars, etc.

For online stores we provide an API protocol that enables a quick and easy integration.

For physical stores we provide the following implementations:

For physical stores we provide the following implementations:

  • Web-based access as stand-alone application (independently of merchant's POS system)
  • API protocol for integration into merchant’s existing POS software, which allows a seamless addition of crypto payments to merchants’ existing business operations. Our technology is very fitting for full integration into various POS systems and our API protocol has been built in a way that it is very easy to be integrated by POS vendors.
  • Crypto-payment terminals: our device for accepting crypto payments in an automated fashion independently of merchant’s POS (which is a very convenient solution especially for smaller merchants who use third party POS systems)

Crypto-to-Cash Bureau de Change

Limitlex Crypto-to-Cash is a turn-key solution providing bureaux de change (physical currency exchange offices) with an end-to-end system for processing crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto exchange in cash, on the spot, to their walk-in customers. Our system allows bureaux de change to conduct exchange in various cryptocurrencies, at automated real-time conversion rates. This service is extremely user-friendly: a consumer can simply walk into a bureau de change and sell their cryptocurrencies for cash, or buy cryptocurrencies with cash – operating directly from their existing crypto wallets, without having to create user account, pre-deposit funds, etc.

Bureaux de change are provided with our cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and get equipped with our Crypto POS-terminals for smooth operation of the service.

White Label Partnership Program

Our White Label Partnership Program provides you with an easy way of setting up your own cryptocurrency payments business, which can be fully branded under your own brand. We provide you with a complete turn-key solution (back-end and front-end) for equipping merchants or bureaux de change with our system, including our cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), maintenance, security and API protocols. We take full care of the technology, so you can focus on building your business and acquiring users.

If you want to offer merchants or bureaux de change the ability to accept payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, this is the service you want to use!

Our White-label Partnership Program might be particularly relevant for the following businesses: payment institutions (PI), e-money institutions (EMI), payment service providers (PSP), banks, bureau de change chains, cryptocurrency exchanges, POS providers, ERP vendors, independent sales organizations (ISO), agents and resellers.

Key benefits of joining our White-label partnership

Fully branded cryptocurrency payment gateway allows you a quick market entrance with your own brand.

Quick start (set-up is normally done in one week).

Cost-effective solution with a revenue-share business model.

No costly software and blockchain development and maintenance.

Automated exchange of crypto funds into fiat via reputable exchanges.

Key system features

Cloud based cryptocurrency payment solution with highest performance processing and fault tolerant infrastructure

Support for payments in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and

ERC-20 tokens

Program for automated conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies, including the possibility of ‘hedging’ to avoid the risk of price volatility of cryptocurrencies

Back-office (admin dashboard) for monitoring payments and managing merchant accounts, transaction fee rates, billing, clearing, reports, conversions to fiat, hedging algorithm

Individual and automatically generated public addresses for each payment

Conversion rate calculation to FIAT currencies, updated every 5 seconds

Automatic confirmations of cryptocurrency payments

API integration with reputable cryptocurrency exchanges

Possibility of integration with third party systems and POS providers via API

User interface for merchants in languages of your choice

Two-Factor authentication protection for merchant accounts (Google Authenticator or SMS)

Risk management and fraud prevention system

Full technical support

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SMART Digital Asset Exchange

Smart Digital Asset Exchange is a next generation trading platform with an array of ‘smart’ features that allow for more automated and effortless trading at the next level:

  • automated tools for day trading
  • ‘bulk’ trading (buy/sell multiple assets with one click)
  • fund-like portfolio structuring and management
  • intelligent portfolio performance monitoring
  • smart alerts and notifications
  • multilingual GUI
  • copy trading and social channel for traders

Built for trading cryptocurrencies, digital assets and tokenized securities, our sophisticated software architecture has high processing performance which allows us to scale the platform for the maximum trading volumes. A set of API’s will make the exchange fully functional also for institutional and high-frequency professional traders.

Security and customer privacy are our top priorities, which is reflected in our development as well as security protocols based on ISO/IEC 27000 standard.

White Label Partnership Program

Be among the first to launch the SMART Digital Asset Exchange and take a step ahead of the competition!

Our White Label Partnership Program will provide you with a comprehensive and complete turn-key solution (back-end and front-end) to launch your own smart digital asset exchange, fully branded under your own brand. Our platform will allow you to start a smart digital asset exchange without having to invest in software development and infrastructure, and we will provide a fully hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), maintenance, security, custody of digital assets, technical support, KYC/AML verification solutions, and customer support. Our team comprises highly skilled software and blockchain developers, IT security experts, business developers, trading experts and advisors.

Since we are building the world’s first Smart Digital Asset Exchange with an array of advanced trading features and intelligent structure for portfolio management, our white-label partners will have an advantage of offering their clients the very best.

White-label partners can also share in the order-book liquidity pool, so they can provide higher market liquidity to their users and thus bring about more trading activity.

Security Tokens Exchange Licence

Besides providing the technical set-up of the exchange platform, we can also assist you in obtaining a licence for operating a Security Token Exchange compliant with the EU’s MiFID II directive. We can assist you in obtaining the licence in several European jurisdictions.

Join the future of asset tokenization!

We are now accepting new partners for setting up their fully branded Smart Digital Asset Exchange. We can accept only a limited number of partners for the first release, so please contact us below to reserve an early launch.

We also welcome financial institutions, brokerages and traditional stock-exchanges: if you are considering to launch a platform for trading tokenized securities (i.e. security tokens), this is the service you want to use!

Key benefits of joining our White-label partnership

SMART Digital Asset Exchange will put you ahead of the competition.

Fully branded under your own brand.

Low-cost set-up and revenue-share business model.

No long-term commitment required.

Tailored exchange with your choice of currencies, trading pairs, languages, features, design, layout, etc.

Liquidity sharing will increase the trading activity on your exchange.

Custodial service with highest security measures.

Assistance with acquiring licence for operating Security Token Exchange.

Key system features

Cloud based digital asset exchange platform with high performance processing and fault tolerant infrastructure

Order matching engine and full order management system

Smart features and subaccounts for optimal user experience

Back-office (admin dashboard) for managing the platform

Multiple blockchain integrations to facilitate deposits and withdrawals

Fiat currencies deposit and withdrawal interface

Full transaction history of each user account

Full log history (date, IP and activity) of each user account

REST and streaming API

Possibility of API integration with third party KYC and customer support providers of your choice

Technical suppport

Customer support (optional)

Security measures

Integrated cold storage with secure backups in segregated geo-locations

Two-Factor authentication protection (Google Authenticator or SMS)

Protections against Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Website data transmitted via encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Elastic load balancer


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