Driven by the vision of a financial world without barriers, we created Limitlex — the world’s first SMART Digital Asset Exchange with automated trading mechanisms and intelligent structure for portfolio management.

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Business Opportunity for Bureaux de Change

Add instant crypto/fiat exchange to your existing foreign currency exchange business and increase your revenue!

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Payment Gateway

Merchants can accept payments in Cryptocurrencies and get paid in Euros at real-time exchange rate!

Available for online stores as well as for physical stores, bars, restaurants, etc.

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Smart Digital Asset Exchange

A new, advanced Digital Asset Exchange is on the way! Limitlex is the world’s first ‘smart’ digital asset exchange with advanced trading mechanisms that allow for more automated and effortless trading at the next level. The Limitlex Smart Exchange will make trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets more efficient, provide an intelligent structure for portfolio management, and open up new opportunities for traders.

Join the revolution in digital asset trading:

  • 12+ advanced features
  • automated trading
  • ‘bulk’ trading
  • sub-accounts
  • fund-like portfolio management
  • detailed performance tracking
  • 10+ languages
  • low fees
  • high liquidity
  • API connection
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Security, Privacy & Scalability

Security and customer privacy are our top priorities. This is reflected in our development as well as our established security protocols. Our state of the art internal and external security protocols are constantly verified and audited by security experts.

Limitlex’s sophisticated software has high processing performance and capacities to serve many users at once. Our elastic architecture will allow us to scale our platform for the maximum trading volumes.


Chain Order

Having sleepless nights for fear of missing an opportunity on the market? Now you can finally relax, because the Limitlex exchange will work for you even when you sleep! With our “chain order” you can prepare a series of orders, and they are placed on the market in sequence automatically based on the rules you set.

Top-Cap Order

Just one click to buy the top crypto-currencies according to the market cap. Want to simply buy Top-10 or Top-20? No problem; just open a Top-Cap order, set the amount, and buy them all with one click. Decide if you want your funds to be distributed between the currencies equally or proportionally according to their market capitalisation.

Bulk Buy

Perhaps you want to distribute your funds into several currencies of your choice quickly and effortlessly? You can now use our Bulk-Buy multi-order: set the amount you want to invest, select your desired cryptocurrencies and buy them all with one click. A great feature for beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts alike!

Payment Gateway

Aspiring to increase the actual use of cryptocurrencies for retail payments, we have developed the Limitlex Payment Gateway — an easy-to-use solution for merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with automated conversion of received crypto payments into Euro at real-time exchange rate.

Our technology is very fitting for full integration into your existing POS system, which in effect means a seamless addition of crypto payments to your business. The Limitlex Payment Gateway is easy-to-operate and backed by immediately responsive and comprehensive customer support.

Consumers can pay directly from their own crypto wallets, which opens up the possibility of crypto payments to a wider number of customers.

We support payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and ERC-20 tokens. Eventually we will enable payments in most of the cryptos listed on our exchange.

Accepting crypto payments is easy and safe

Payments are received directly into your auto-generated crypto wallets. We convert your received cryptocurrencies into Euro at a guaranteed exchange rate as confirmed at the time of your received payment. The money is then transferred to your bank account. It’s effortless and safe!

No extra work for your bookkeeping: the amount on your issued receipt/invoice is stated in Euro as normally, only the method of payment is stated as cryptocurrency.

For online stores we provide an API protocol that enables a quick and easy integration.

For physical stores we provide three different solutions for implementation: 

  • API protocol for a simple integration into your existing POS software: with this solution your customer just needs to scan the QR code displayed on your POS screen and confirm the payment.
  • Web-based access on your computer (no integration required): you can start accepting crypto payments straight away!
  • Crypto-payment terminals (no integration required): a convenient device for bars and restaurants that can be carried over to any table and process a payment on the spot.
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Limitlex has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the largest POS software vendors in the region, Comtron.

Comtron has integrated the Limitlex Payment Gateway into their POS software (TRONpos), and this deal equips almost 3000 bars, restaurants and retail venues with the tech needed to effortlessly accept payments in several cryptocurrencies.




FIMA Plus is a part of the financial/investment group FIMA, engaged in securities trading, fund management, insurance brokerage, M&A, and cryptocurrency solutions.

Established in 1991, FIMA is an important player in the financial-services industry in CE and SEE regions. FIMA and Limitlex partnership is bringing cryptocurrency products on a larger market, fostering digitalization of financial institutions and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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