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Extra profit stream with Limitlex partner program.


35% commission with referrals signed up by you.


Referrals that sign up with Limitlex exchange will be assigned under your referral account, and you will get paid a 35% commission of the fees we collect from all your referred users!


Join the referral program

Invite people. Earn crypto.


How it works?

  1. Create your referral link.
  2. Share the link with your friends and on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...).
  3. Start making money from every transaction that your referees make.


referral steps


Sign up on the Limitlex Exchange, create your referral link and share it. Start earning money from every transaction that your referees make.

There is no joining fee for our referral program.

We provide advanced full transparency reporting. You are able to track new registrations and every transaction that is made by your referees.

Start earning with our referral program



How much can I earn in this referral program? There are no limits on the amounts you can earn. The more your referees trade, the more you will earn!

How high is the commission? The commission rate is set at 35% of the trading fees collected from your referees.

When will the commission be credited to my account? The commission will be paid out to your account daily. It will be paid in the receiving currency of a trade.

Do you have any tips that will help me earn more rewards? Produce great content and share your links to the people that might be interested. You can create one or more referral links and name them, so you can track your referral sign-up rate from different channels where you promote them.

Share it on:

  • Personal websites, blogs
  • YouTube channels
  • Twitter handles
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Email