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What makes Limitlex a unique exchange

5 features that make Limitlex a unique exchange for trading cryptocurrencies


In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency trading, exchanges that can guarantee the safe trading of various digital assets with the best execution rates on the market stand head and shoulders above the rest. Limitlex is one such crypto exchange. With the ability to trade directly between crypto and the Euro, rigorous due diligence practices, unbeatable fees, and advanced features such as Basket Buy and Sell All, Limitlex seeks to revolutionize digital asset trading and provide a user-friendly trading experience for crypto traders and enthusiasts. 


This article explores the five main features attracting an ever-growing number of users to our platform.


Trade in bulk: Buy low, sell high

One of Limitlex’s most unique functions is its Basket Buy feature. It makes trading faster and safer by allowing traders to acquire multiple digital assets simultaneously. Indicate how much you want to invest and choose your selection criteria: top coins by market cap, your own pick, or an auto-generated random selection (Random Trading). 


The Sell All feature works in reverse when it’s time to sell. It allows traders to react at the click of a button to significant market movements and sell all or a portion of their asset portfolio for their chosen quote currency (EUR, USDT, BTC). To know what’s happening on the market in real-time, Limitlex can also send notifications over email or Telegram that help you know when to buy or sell, depending on your goal. 


Trade with full confidence 

Users of Limitlex can be fully confident about the assets they are buying and selling, given the rigorous due diligence we follow before bringing new tokens into our portfolio. Our verification checks involve ensuring all assets have liquidity and conducting audits using Chainalysis services to identify the sources of funds and ensure cryptocurrency compliance.


Trade safely, trade securely 

Limitlex’s two-factor authentication feature offers an extra layer of security for all traders and transactions. We implemented this measure to ensure that the account owner is the only person with access to their account. Our main priority is providing a safe and secure environment in which traders execute successful transactions, and as such, we strongly recommend that all our users enable this feature.


Trade directly between crypto and Euro

Unlike most crypto exchanges that only allow trade between cryptocurrencies and USD, Limitlex enables you to trade directly between cryptocurrencies and the Euro. Once you’ve opened your Limitlex account, making payments and withdrawals from/to your SEPA-based account is easy. Funds can be deposited into your Limitlex account via bank transfer and sent to your SEPA-based account when you want to withdraw and spend your funds in euros.


Benefit from unbeatable fees

Like all other crypto exchanges, Limitlex is subject to charges when buying and selling assets on the blockchain. Blockchain transaction fees are essentially in place to maintain the efficiency and security of the network. Among other things, they help prevent nefarious activity by making it costly for dangerous players to flood the network with transactions. These fees can also act as a premium to incentivise miners to enter transactions into the next available block, therefore increasing processing times.


We offer unbeatable fees on both micro and macro transactions thanks to Limitlex’s AI-driven market-making and order-book optimization tools. Unlike some other exchanges, we do not penalize smaller transactions with a flat and therefore disproportionate rate. Limitlex charges a percentage of the total cost of your order (the value), which makes us the most profitable crypto exchange on the market. 


Limitlex offers a highly safe and secure environment to trade small and large value assets for unbeatable fees. Our platform offers huge trading potential thanks to our Basket Buy and Sell All features for users who need to react quickly to movements in the market and achieve fast turnaround.


Visit limitlex.com for more information.


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