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Where to learn more about upcoming cryptocurrency projects

The sheer number of cryptocurrency projects, including both coins and tokens, can be overwhelming even for seasoned investors. With thousands already in existence and more in the pipeline, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be time-consuming as the crypto market expands in quantity and complexity. As an investor, the cardinal rule remains: "Buy low, sell high." But to make wise, informed decisions that offer a lucrative return, staying up-to-date on the current market, and keeping an eye on upcoming crypto projects that could make waves is crucial. 

Thankfully, the avenues available for exploring upcoming crypto projects are many and varied. Platforms as conventional as social media networks (DiscordTelegramX) can prove to be valuable sources of information, as can data aggregators such as CoinGecko and authentication tools such as TokenSniffer

This blog offers a brief guide on where to learn more about upcoming crypto projects and how thorough research is conducive to wise and considered investment choices.


Leveraging social media networks

Social media platforms such as X can prove to be valuable resources for collecting recommendations on crypto projects. X, formerly Twitter, often acts as the crypto industry town cryer. When value shifts, news of a scandal breaks, or a new project is released, X is the place to go for down-to-the-minute updates.


But it can be something of a minefield. It’s important to vet the accounts you follow, and avoid being drawn in by initiatives that seem too good to be true, because they often are. Users should also beware of “shillers,” known for promoting projects for personal gain. We recommend engaging with the crypto community, asking for opinions, and cross-referencing your information in order to filter out genuine recommendations.


Some interesting accounts and voices in the X crypto community include:

  • JackTheRippler → Daily XRP News updates, trading insights, and information on pre-sale and staking

  • Coin Bureau → Cryptocurrency news and educational insights

  • CryptoMonk → A calming energy and regular insights into the cryptocurrency market, with a general focus on Bitcoin

  • Crypto Derek → Hidden gems and promising projects


Using data aggregators 

Data aggregators, such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, provide overviews of blockchain solutions in different market segments. They are a great way to see what other investors think about cryptocurrencies and whether they have potential. CoinMarketCap’s “Recently Added” table displays new cryptocurrencies added to CoinMarketCap in the last 30 days, their current price, trading volume, and which blockchain they have been released on.

However, a word to the wise. Crypto data aggregators may exhibit discrepancies in the information they report. This can be attributed to the network lag between trades and displayed prices. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information on real-time prices, we recommend using a trading platform such as Limitlex to obtain precise and reliable information.


Investing in new crypto projects before listing

Exploring investment opportunities before assets are listed on major exchanges can translate into substantial returns. However, it is also considered one of the riskiest investment choices in the market. Investing in projects before they are listed offers individuals the chance to purchase coins and tokens at discounted rates during presales or initial coin offerings (ICOs), stay up-to-date on the latest market developments, and support innovative projects from the outset. There are also valuable tools for discovering new projects, including platforms such as CoinCodex, which offers a crypto token sale calendar. 

Launchpads, for example, are token sale platforms that allow investors to buy new tokens at a predetermined price before they are listed on the exchange hosting the launchpad (some examples include Binance, Kucoin, OKX, Bitget, and Bybit). These types of sales hosted by an exchange are also known as initial exchange offerings (IEOs). Launchpools (staking platforms) facilitate the initial distribution of a new cryptocurrency or token and allow interested individuals to stake a specific asset. These pools are designed to help bootstrap liquidity and generate support and early investment for a particular project. 


Always research these opportunities and consider various token sale types based on individual preferences and risk tolerance.


Tools to verify project authenticity

There are several tools at your disposal that can help you verify the legitimacy of a new cryptocurrency. Token Sniffer is a smart contract scam scanner that conducts audits of a given cryptocurrency, displaying an overall score that indicates “how well the token meets the criteria for safety” and a swap analysis, contract analysis, holder analysis, and liquidity analysis. 

Staying ahead in the world of cryptocurrencies, particularly new projects, requires strategic research and due diligence. If you decide to look into new crypto projects, we recommend keeping a close eye on data aggregators such as CoinGecko, as mentioned above. In that case, it is important to cross-reference insights with exchanges such as Limitlex to make informed decisions. 


To learn more and start trading with Limitlex, visit limitlex.com.

* https://tokensniffer.com/token/eth/821vp8jh98ooaxv1zq8ln1j9hqujvb0p8xlbx23xg598a5b38xab9sq6mskj


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