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Limitlex: A roadmap to our crypto trading platform

Limitlex: A roadmap to our crypto trading platform 

There are hundreds of trading platforms available to choose from, each designed to cater to different financial markets and trading styles. Some offer a unique market, such as stocks, commodities or cryptocurrencies. Others offer a mix of several trading options. Limitlex falls under the first category. 

As a uniquely crypto-focused trading platform, Limitlex offers specialized features that cater to crypto traders, such as market charts in various formats (candles, bars, lines and more), the option to trade between pairs (such as EURO and bitcoin) and filter by cryptocurrency or token, as well as various buying and selling options including market orders and limit orders. 

This article takes a closer look at each of Limitlex’s features, including those that are unique to us, to help you navigate our user-friendly platform and trade more confidently. 


The Limitlex Trade Dashboard 

The Limitlex Trade dashboard is our principal trading space. It allows you to choose trading pairs, for example EURO and BTC, and presents a Market Chart per pair, which displays recent value fluctuations in a series of viewing options, such as candles or bars. The Trade dashboard also displays past bid and asks prices, representing the maximum buying and minimum selling price respectively of all trades made on the Limitlex platform. 

This is also where you’ll find previous trades and any filled orders you’ve placed, as well as the option to place a limit order (when the market reaches your set price, an instant order is triggered and your limit order is executed) or market order (enabling you to buy or sell a specific amount of the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire at the best available market price). 

You can also choose the Simple Trade dashboard for straightforward buying and selling. This feature allows you to purchase the cryptocurrency you’re interested in acquiring at its current market price. These transactions are instantaneous, and will subsequently appear in the “My Trades'' section of the main Limitlex Trade dashboard. Not all cryptocurrencies are available to purchase through this feature. 

We also offer a random trading feature, which allows users to select the amount of cryptocurrencies they wish to acquire (one or many) and let the platform auto-generate a random selection. The only parameters users select when using this random trade feature are the number of coins and the amount invested. As with the Basket Buy feature (see below), users can choose to distribute their investment equally or proportionally by market cap. This can be an interesting feature for novice investors who wish to acquire a diversified portfolio. 


Basket Buy and Sell All

The Basket Buy and Sell All feature is unique to Limitlex. This feature is also popular among users who are new to crypto or who are not sure what to buy. It allows users to buy multiple cryptocurrencies in a couple of seconds, allocating funds equally or by market cap (allocating the largest percentage of funds to the most popular crypto, for example, bitcoin) in order to create a varied portfolio. There is also the option for one-click buying of top cryptocurrencies, or the platform will randomly select the amount of currencies of your choice to make up your portfolio. 

Likewise, the unique Sell All feature allows you to sell all or a percentage of their crypto portfolio for a chosen quote currency (EUR, USDT, BTC) with a single click. By simply setting up the amount they wish to sell using the percentage bar (or by typing in the percentage), choosing the currency for which they want to sell their funds, you can sell more than one of the cryptocurrencies that make up their portfolio in a few seconds. 


The Limitlex Referral Program

At Limitlex, we also offer a Referral Program that rewards referees who introduce new users to our platform. For each new referee that you (current Limitlex traders) bring onto the platform, you will earn 35% commission of the fees they accumulate for three years following their sign-up. The referral program is simple to activate. All current users need to do is share their referral link (available on their Account page) with friends and social media networks. As soon as someone signs up, enters your referral link and starts trading, you will start earning 35% commission on every transition they make. You are also able to track new sign-ups and their activity.



Our website offers a comprehensive list of FAQs. These questions and answers cover common nomenclature in the crypto world, such as HODL, whale, DeFi, day trading, and more, as well as more specific questions related to the platform itself, such as how to make your account more secure, or how to set up notifications for filled orders.

To learn more and start trading with Limitlex, visit limitlex.com.

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